Artisan Profile

The first〈Ebitani Kinsuke〉


Born in 1931 50 years ago, he invented a one-off stretch using paper strings. He has had an original philosophy since the company's founding, and even now he is focusing on production in pursuit of new possibilities. He discovered that using paper as the material and layering washi of the same material on top of each other makes it difficult to peel off and increases strength, and he took a hint from that and started creating a quiet one. We have continued to create many works so far, and now we continue to produce mainly one-of-a-kind works.

Second generation〈Ebitani Yutaka〉


Born in 1964, representative of Ohmi-Ikkanbari Ebitani Kogei. He succeeded his father in 1986 and has been a member of Ohmi-Ikkanbari for about 30 years. Since it requires a high level of technical ability to carefully attach washi paper along the mesh, we rely on many years of experience and intuition to face the challenge of making a difference. With a deep understanding of the nature of paper, we can freely manipulate materials, and continue to work on production while always pursuing "accuracy" and "what is a craftsman", and continue to spread the charm of Ikkanbari throughout the country.

Third generation〈Ryota Ebitani〉


Born in 1991 Looking at tradition from a new perspective. Growing up watching the work of his grandfather and father from an early age, he sought new possibilities under the guidance of two teachers, adopting new styles that suit modern life while preserving tradition. Taking advantage of the flexible characteristics of paper string that can be applied to various shapes, he focuses on things that are not found in conventional idle work and works on production every day.