Features of Ohmi Ikkanbari


Ohmi Ikkanbari’s most distinctive feature is its remarkable versatility. We make use of paper strings’ flexibility to weave the base of products for a variety of applications. 

We accept custom orders based on your preferred product size.

Paper Coating

Ohmi Ikkanbari uses specially ordered Japanese washi paper from Gokayama, Toyama Prefecture. The surface of the basket is covered with white washi paper, followed by a colored upper layer.
Hand-made washi paper’s long fibers allow uniform adhesion to uneven surfaces. This highlights the intricate pattern of the basket's mesh. 
We apply and dry each layer of paper with great care to ensure that the surface is thoroughly covered. Repeating this process prevents tears and increases durability of the finished product.


Products coated with kakishibu come in the following 4 colors: rose madder, sanguine brown, chestnut and indigo ink. Urethane-coated products are available in the following 6 colors: carmine, apricot, amber, wood brown, fern green, and azure . Patterns on washi paper are hand-drawn in Japanese “sumi” ink.

~Kakishibu Coating~

Kakishibu (persimmon tannin) paint has antiseptic, insect- and water-repellent effects. Kakishibu coating makes the washi paper rigid and durable.

~Urethane Coating~

Coating washi paper with urethane makes it sturdy and water-resistant. Urethane-coated products can be washed with water.